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Clear T88% RD 7478 Vape Cartridge (Curaleaf)


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87.70% THC pure cannabis distillate

438.50mg THC total per unit

Pure Hybrid Cartridge

*Recommended battery voltage is 3.2V*

*Takes 1.75 grams off monthly limit*

To offer patients of CT the most potent pure cartridges on the market, we have developed our NEW Distillate Cartridges which are filled with our highly refined, molecularly distilled cannabis oil. By utilizing industry leading
Jupiter Research CCell Cartridges (which have passed all heavy metal testing, contain no solders, glues or resins, and have the capability to vaporize oils of high viscosity) and expertly extracted cannabis oil, we are offering patients
an extremely potent and uncut vaping option. Our distillate is different from the CO2 oil currently offered in the program in that the final step of purification not only removes the remaining fats, waxes, lipids and unwanted compounds, but also isolates and captures pure cannabinoids, resulting in oil that contains ~88%-95% THC rather than 70%-75% and exhibits an extremely clear color. The THC-A to THC conversion that occurs in the final step of processing results in an oil that can be vaped, ingested, infused and applied with no need for decarboxylation, so we will be releasing this high potency distillate in silicone containers early next week to allow patients to take full advantage of its versatility.  The oil contained in these products is thick and viscous due to the high cannabinoid content, so we suggest patients adjust their battery settings accordingly to enable proper vaporization.”

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1 Vape Cartridge

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